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Bath and Aftercare

  • Front image artemis at dawn bod powder white background
    front image of day moon bod powder black background

    Bod Powder

    $ 14.00

    Want to reduce the friction in your life? Sometimes staying cool and collected means you need to be dry and dusted. Might sound a little old fashio...

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  • Tooth Cleanse

    Tooth Cleanse

    $ 12.00

    We are super stoked to offer our very likable Tooth Cleanse in an even more likable flavor, Spearmint! All the same gum honoring properties as our ...

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  • Tooth Polish

    Tooth Polish

    $ 14.00

    Brass Construction’s truism--“You gotta get up to get down” reflects my innermost feelings about holistic tooth care. With the aid of activated cha...

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  • Shampoo Bar

    Shampoo Bar

    $ 24.00

    I know some of you out there have been SUPER DUPER patient, waiting for the Shampoo Bar to make a comeback! Others are like, whaaa, Shampoo Bar, wh...

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