They're here! Our high-end candles of our low-brow concepts. Three signature Tuesday of California Scents: Smoking Weed in Grandma's Basement, Steakhouse, and Cocktails on Sunset. A very impressive 50 hour burn time and an excellent scent throw of fine fragrances. Add three to your cart for a discount!

Steakhouse is influenced by LA classic Taylor's Steakhouse in Ktown, a dark and moody haunt with oil paintings and excellent cocktails. 

Notes: Leather booths, steak rub, smoke, gin martinis.

Cocktails on Sunset is influenced by Bar Stella's outdoor patio, a small enclosed area right off of Sunset with tall privacy hedges, romantic cafe tables, and fancy cocktails.

Notes: Green Hedges, evening air, champagne, elderflower, citrus, and a touch of smog.

Smoking Weed in Grandma's Basement is our quintessential brand scent. Influenced by Tuesday's midwestern roots, this summer aroma will bring you back to being a teenage delinquent, but ~*refined*~.

Notes: Summer sweat, olive green shag carpet, lumpy tweed sofa, wood panelling, apple pipe, and ditch weed.

50 Hour Burn Time, Excellent Scent Throw

Soy Wax, Fine Fragrance, Cotton Wick, Frosted Glass, Hand Printed.

Made by hand in NYC by Joya, designed by Tuesday of California.

Please note: Candles are final sale.