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Spicewalla Spices

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Lavender Flowers: Delicate but not at all shy, and has widespread uses both in and out of the kitchen, from cocktail syrups to beauty and home products.

Ginger, Ground: 

Sinus-clearing ginger root is famous for its immunity-boosting powers as well as its ability to cleanse the palate.

Marjoram: Used in aromatherapy for its stress-relieving effects. Similar to Mediterranean oregano, and a little minty in nature.

Allspice: Allspice, native to Jamaica, resembling small black peppercorns, has long been a part of the group of “warming spices”.

Cardamom, Whole Black: the dried version of green cardamom and pack more of a concentrated punch.

Tumeric: With 100% heirloom seeds, Pragati Turmeric Powder is high in curcumin content, an anti-inflammatory.

Oregano, Mediterranean: Highly floral, one sniff of this oregano can send you off into a total Under the Tuscan Sun moment.

Orange Peel: it’s rich in aromatic orange oil and distinctive bitter tannins, which lend marmalade its delightful bite.

Sesame Seeds, Black: Slightly stronger toasted flavor and a gorgeously distinctive look, when scattered over dinner rolls.

Sumac: An oxblood-colored powder, it has a tart, wonderfully sour flavor, and visual appeal when sprinkled over baba ghanoush.

Thyme Leaves:  Delicate leaves that contain antiseptic properties and a strong herbal scent.

Za'atar, Green: Classic middle eastern spice blend adds marjoram, parsley, and dill to the mix, giving it an herbaceous and earthy flavor.

Chili Powder, Cayenne: With medium intensity, a little goes a long way, just a pinch in a curry or salsa will add a significant bit of heat.

Peppercorn Medley: Black Peppercorn, White Peppercorn, Pink Peppercorn, and Green Peppercorn.

Tarragon: A light, licorice-y flavor.

Rosemary, Whole: The sweet, resin-y herb is redolent of pine.

Cumin Powder: Peppery and prepared to play well with others and has a slightly more citrusy kick than its roasted cousins

Za'atar: Complex, zesty, tart, and floral. With sumac, sesame, cumin, and herbs.

Chili Powder, Kashmiri: This powder won’t add a ton of heat, but delivers a layer of savory, well-rounded piquancy.

Lemon Peel: Super rich in Vitamin C, lemons have a more acidic flavor than oranges but have a flowery, heady scent.

Sage, Rubbed: Distinctive peppery flavor, and eucalyptus-like scent adds a distinctive coziness.

Cardamom, Powder Green: A nuanced flavor with a extra dose of fragrant sweetness.

Basil: Maybe the most famous herb in the world, tender leaves are a symbol of prosperity and a powerful source of aromatherapy.

Fenugreek Leaves: Also called methi, and have a distinctive maple scent with a grassy-sweet flavor.

Star Anise: Has a candied, fragrant flavor that is licorice-like.

Dill Weed: Refreshing and bright, grassy flavor with a layer of licorice-like flavor as well. 

Mustard Powder, Yellow: The dried and powdered version of yellow mustard seed.

Cinnamon, Powder: Made from the inner bark of the tropical cinnamon tree.

Coriander Powder, Roasted: The roasted, dried seeds still have a zingy, citrusy freshness.



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